3 Dream Summer Vacations

As spring slowly, I mean slowly, comes to an end and everything starts to open back up I am starting to look ahead!

Part of summer for most includes a little or extravagant summer vacation. So I thought I would share three of my dream summer vacations. The first two are more on the reasonable side as someone who is already a US citizen and can freely travel to the first two destinations with out trouble. My third dream vacation would take a bit more planning including getting a passport.

So where do I want to go?

1. Wailea in Maui, Hawaii

First up is Maui Hawaii, specifically the area of Wailea on Maui and I picked this area and this island because all of the travel blogs I read said the area has the least amount of tourists. When Sean and I travel we prefer not to be too touristy… If that even makes sense… Even though we would be staying in a beach front hotel we like to see the city as locals most of the time.

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