Cheeseburger Pizza with No Yeast Dough

Pizza…Pizza…Pizza! We all, well most people, like or love pizza and Sean is no exception to the love of pizza. One of this favorite pizzas is probably meat lover but he also loves Cheeseburger pizza. I believe he first had it at a restaurant we went to once but he fell in love with it.

Personally I didn’t really like the pizza from the restaurant, which was years ago, but I figured I would give it a try at home. However, I ran into a little trouble when I looked into my pantry.

No yeast… I am the kind of baker that has a stock of ingredients but for some reason I didn’t have any yeast in stock. The most basic dough recipe is flour, baking soda, water, salt and some kind of fat either butter or oil. If rolled thin enough this most basic dough recipe can make a nice crispy flat bread or if left a bit thicker it can turn out to be a soft crust. I like the thin crispy crust better.

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