Monster Mash Buffalo Sauce Recipe

Happy Sunday my loves. With the weather getting warmer I decided today is the perfect day to release my semi-Homemade recipe for buffalo sauce. Now this sauce has been called a lot of names including burning b-hole sauce, slappy slappy sauce, ow sauce, but I call it Monster Mash sauce because it packs a monster amount of spice.

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Get Organized: Freezer Inventory + Printables

If you can’t tell by the majority of my posts so far this year I am getting organized. I am using this year to turn over a new leaf as people would say. I, Courtney, am a perpetually unorganized and messy person.

So for this post I want to talk about a freezer inventory and make ahead freezer meals. This is something I really want to integrate into my getting organized routine, not only to get organized but to also relieve some of the pressure we feel in the winter. Having a meal ready to go on days you are already super busy can take away some of the stress during the holiday season.

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Reorganizing My Routine

A few weeks ago I posted a habit tracking challenge and to be honest it hasn’t really been working for me. In some ways I am a very detail oriented person except when it comes to my day to day life. I like to think of myself as a great stay at home girlfriend but in reality I let a lot of things just coast by until it is so built up that it creates unnecessary stress.

With my original generic habit tracker it really did give me leeway to just put things off until the end of the day. I would wait until an hour before Sean got home and rush to finish my list. This isn’t a good way of doing it.

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Kids Money Savings Map

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great week. Today Courtney and I decided to kind of tag team. On Wednesday of last week Courtney’s house posted money saving tips for adults and today we figured why not include the littles in saving money towards a goal. Now I can’t take full credit for this so lets give a big shout out to my beautiful co-creator Courtney for making this great printable for us!

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Savings Goals

In December I posted my 52 week savings plan and I wanted to expand that a little more. Besides trying to save all year to an end goal I also have savings goals throughout the year. Rather than one large goal, I also save for things we need or want. Depending on what it is the timeline can be anywhere from a month to the whole year.

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Get Organized – Habit Tracker Challenge

I am here to confess that I haven’t really been following my own advice in my ‘5 Ways I’m Staying Motivated‘ post. So today I am starting at 30 Day Habit Challenge to help myself build healthy and consistent habits.

Most of the time I have a general list of things I need to do for the day and I do them but other things fall to the side if I don’t have something to check off. This can include something as simple as remembering to eat lunch because it wasn’t on my list of things to do. Seems kind of crazy to forget to eat lunch but when you’re focusing on other things hours can just fly by.

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52 Week Savings Plan

With the new year only a few days away I thought it would be a good idea to make a resolution kind of post.

It isn’t easy talking about your finances to people in your family and even less of an easy topic when you are telling a unknown amount of people on the internet. However, Sean and I are the kind of people that live paycheck to paycheck for a majority of the year. Some of this is 100% avoidable because we are also the kind of people that tend to live right at the edge of our means.

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Blogmas Day 8 – Christmas Bucket List

Everyone needs a little help sometimes to get into the Christmas spirit. Creating a Christmas bucket list is one of the ways I get into the spirit.

Doing Christmas activities is one of my favorite parts of the season. From decorating to driving around looking for the best light display.

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Blogmas Day 5 – 15 Free Christmas Printables

Well, if you can’t tell yet by the various posts about printables here on Our Two House, I really love printables. I also really really love Christmas. Today we are combining the two in these 15 free Christmas printables that I love and use myself around my house.

I love being able to print and use them as decorations in frames I already have or as cards and gift tags.

So here are my 15 favorite Christmas printables that you can find around my house.

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Blogmas Day 2 – Secret Santa Printable

Last month I shared the Secret Santa Printable I made for my family’s Secret Santa. Today I wanted to share it again because, well, I can.

Like I said in my other post I really wanted to add some traditions to our families but I didn’t really do into why. As I have gotten older I am becoming more and more aware of how many tradition have gone by the way side in most house holds. As time has ticked on it has also changed, and it hasn’t always changed for the better. Families don’t do as much together anymore, we are all busy and are always on the go.

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