Printable Travel Planner

When it comes to planing a vacation that is months or even years out I like to plan it. However, I can never find a planner or worksheet that I want to use.

If you search ‘travel planner’ in google you get a bunch of results that are travel itineraries. When it comes to planning a future vacation I don’t want to make an itinerary, I want to budget and research my possible flights, hotels, and car rentals.

So I made my own!

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Town Spotlight: Seaside Oregon

Today I wanted to share with you a little place on the northern coast of Oregon called Seaside.

Seaside Oregon is a small resort town that my family and I have been visiting for over 30 years. I say over 30 years because I am 34 years old as of today and I know our family has vacationed there since I was around 2 years old. I want to share some of my favorite things in Seaside with you with this little Town Spotlight.

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Weekend At The Sand

I wanted to share some of my favorite summer things and Sean suggested that I share a trip that we take every year. For anyone who loves ATV’s and UTV’s you will love this place, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. We try to go once a year to camp and go riding on the dunes and I wanted to share it.

The Dunes

The Oregon Dunes is a 31,500-acre portion of the Siuslaw National Forest that extends for 40 miles along the Oregon coast from Florence, OR to Coos Bay, OR. About half of the area that comprises the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is open to motorized vehicles.

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Photogenic Washington Lakes

Who doesn’t love that perfect picture opportunity of beautiful landscapes and tranquil spaces? Not sure but today I wanted to share some truly photogenic lakes here in Washington. Unfortunately, I haven’t been to all of these lakes but the pictures are breath taking.

One of my fondest memories growing up is going to the lake to camp. Our lakes here in Washington don’t really warm up too much in the summer but it is still fun to take a dip on a hot summer day while camping.

So here are a few of the best Photogenic Washington Lakes!

Lake Crescent

Lake Crescent is located in the Olympic National Park in Clallam County, Washington about 17 miles west of Port Angeles.

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Must-Have Camping Accessories

Whether you are camping in your RV or your tent you will always need some camping accessories. Some of these you might not really need or want but they are all things that I really love to have on hand when camping. Even thought camping is one of those time you are supposed to ‘get back to nature’ that doesn’t mean you can’t have some gear that makes it just a little bit easier on you.

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Let’s Go Camping!

It has officially been summer for three days and in Washington, along with many other places, that means camping. Washington is known for raining all the time but as someone who has lived here all her life I have to say that we have really nice summers.

Not too hot, not too cold, and weeks of pure sunshine. In my opinion we have the perfect mild summer that is ideal for camping. So here are some great camping spots here in Washington state.

Nason Creek, Wenatchee National Forest – $22 to $24 a night

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3 Dream Summer Vacations

As spring slowly, I mean slowly, comes to an end and everything starts to open back up I am starting to look ahead!

Part of summer for most includes a little or extravagant summer vacation. So I thought I would share three of my dream summer vacations. The first two are more on the reasonable side as someone who is already a US citizen and can freely travel to the first two destinations with out trouble. My third dream vacation would take a bit more planning including getting a passport.

So where do I want to go?

1. Wailea in Maui, Hawaii

First up is Maui Hawaii, specifically the area of Wailea on Maui and I picked this area and this island because all of the travel blogs I read said the area has the least amount of tourists. When Sean and I travel we prefer not to be too touristy… If that even makes sense… Even though we would be staying in a beach front hotel we like to see the city as locals most of the time.

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RV Accessory Wish List

As you know Sean and I recently got an RV and I posted about some of our RV Inspiration for when we start to fix it up a little. To no ones surprise I also have an Amazon wish list of accessories I want to buy for the RV. Planning a camping trip in a RV has made me realize that there are a few things that we don’t have because tent camping is a little bit different than going in an RV.

So below are my some of the items I have in my RV Accessory Wish List.

AHL 90pcs Blade Fuse Assortment $6.99

You always need back ups when it comes to fuses! This is more of a Sean wish list item because as far as we know everything in the RV is from when it was built in 1986.

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RV Inspiration

Sean and I love camping but the last few times we have gone camping in a tent has taken it’s toll on us. It usually takes us a couple days to recover from camping and it really just kind of sucks. Needless to say, because of the title of this post, we recently got an RV and it’s definitely not brand new. So there are a few things that we need and want to do.

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Realistic Travel List

Everyone dreams of taking a relaxing vacation every once in a while. Most of my travel dreams are extravagant, which I talk about in my If I Could Go Right Now series, but I also need to be realistic at times. My realistic travel list is a short list of places with in the US that I want to visit at some point in the next few years.


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