Courtney’s House Update #4

I went back and looked to see how many of these I have actually done because I thought I was only on my third month of doing house updates. I will start numbering them so that there is a difference in the titles in the future.

On to the updates.

Sean is still working and they are still taking the recommended steps to protect everyone at work. We both believe that our state opened way too fast but when you’re told to go back to work you kind of have to, you know because of mortgage payments. Washington States Covid-19 cases are going back up, like many places that have opened up, and it scares me that people are acting as if it is no big deal… It is scary to think of how little people think of each other when it comes to each other’s life.

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Bennita’s House Personal Update

Hi everyone. I want to first off apologize for my absence. These last few months have been really hard and I was so busy and yeah its not a great excuse I know. I just wanted to stop in and give a little personal update then on Sunday look forward to a dream room wish list from me.

First I am alive. I have just been super busy. Now that school is over I can breath a little better. Covid has gotten crazy and the world has changed and honestly I feel good about a lot right now. I have been using this time to spend time with my family and do some other ventures and now I feel I can be who I am and write freely.

I am very sorry that I abandoned you guys though. I feel like this blog is both a place to share things like fun activities and recipes but also a place to just express myself. I just wanted to let you guys know that I am going to be back regularly now and I am super excited about the things I have planned!

Love you guys and thank you so much for the endless support! As always Love Bennita’s House

Dear Dad

I wanted to share with you a little about my father and why not do it on fathers day.

This is my favorite picture of my dad and I from about 19 years ago. We were in Seaside Oregon for the 4th of July, a place that I have gone off and on through my life with family. I don’t know if this was the first year he came with us but it’s the first one I remember.

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Courtney’s House Update

Another month has gone by and I am starting to get back on track with everything. Sean has been back to work for two weeks now and even with everything starting to open back up it is still a little scary. Thankfully Sean’s work is taking guidelines seriously because they know some of the crew have vulnerable people at home. I am a little sad that we don’t get to spend as much time together but thing have to start to go back to normal again.

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Courtney’s House Update: What’s been happening?

Hey everyone.

So I wanted to do a little update from my end again. As you have probably seen, I haven’t been posting as regularly as I was before the pandemic started. You would think, that with a stay at home order, it would give me more time to create content for the blog. In reality it has but I haven’t been utilizing my time in that way.

Most of my time is spent with Sean, just being together, even if that time is doing nothing. Which is the time I should be using to create content for Our Two Houses. I know Bennita is busy too with her little one at home everyday now.

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My LockDown Reading List

As we have been experiencing by now, lock down boredom has kicked in for many of us. We have started to ran out of puzzles to do and board games to play and we are trying to avoid staring at the television all day long.

One thing that I have always loved to do when bored is read, and today I would like to share with you my lock down reading list. These are my go to books that I can read over and over again. Sometimes I see different aspects of the story that I didn’t see before, little details that were looked over the first few times.

So here is my lock down reading list:

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Hi guys. So I know Sunday’s post by me was a little sad and upsetting but today I want to talk about my new normal. I want to talk about the steps I’m going to take to make myself and the world around me better. I know it’s not easy and nothing in this world is ever really easy so hopefully I can influence even one person! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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