3 Plus Size Romper Styles

Rompers are really something I didn’t think I would ever consider wearing, mostly because until recent years they weren’t even available in my size. Now that they have become more available in plus size I wanted to put together a couple styles that I thought looked good.

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prices or availability when you are reading this.

Style One: Torrid

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6 Plus Size Swimsuits

It is starting to become beach weather here in Washington and one thing I’ve never really done is wear a swimsuit in public. With the ever expanding plus size fashion availability, swimsuits are becoming easier to find. When I was younger it was really hard to find a swimsuit that was actually designed with a plus size body in mind. Yes there were 2x and 3x swimsuits but the fabric was still cut for the shape of a standard size.

So today I found 6 plus size swimsuits that I really love.

Iridescent Mermaid Scale Lattice Back One-piece Swimsuit $109.50

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9 Spring to Summer Dresses

Summer is just a couple weeks away and as the weather starts to change I am always looking for fashion finds that transition easily. This is a list of 9 dresses that you can wear with an open sweater or other accessories on those cooler spring days but also wear on warm summer days.

White Chiffon Chevron Stripe Metallic Thread Midi Dress $69.50

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My FabFitFun Summer 2020 Box!

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Well I did it, I signed back up for FabFitFun and a few days ago I got my 2020 FabFitFun Summer Box*! If you don’t know what FabFitFun is here is a little explanation…

FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription box service that is billed each season at $49.99 or annually at $179.99 for a year of boxes (4), depending on the option chosen. This quarterly subscription box delivers a selection of 8-10 full-size premium products to your front door. Each box includes the latest in beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness. You can customize each seasonal box by selecting some of your products beforehand or choose to keep your box a complete surprise. Annual members have more selections than the seasonal members.

2020 FabFitFun Summer Box
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Plus Size Spring Outfits

The start of spring is only a week away even though in some places it might not feel like it. Personally I’m still in winter mode which means I’m still in sweaters and leggings or jeans. So today I wanted to get a little spring outfit inspirations. I decided to do this because I have a full outfit in my Torrid cart just sitting there waiting to be bought, and I hope I can save the money before any of it sells out. I really love the outfit and it is one of the outfits I will be showing.

Truthfully I am the kind of person that has some trouble putting outfits together in my real everyday life. However, in my quest to be come more organized and motivated, being put together day to day can help improve motivation. Now I’m not saying that having a good outfit will change your life but it can change your attitude if you feel good about yourself and the way you look.

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Blogmas Day 9 – Plus Size Holiday Outfits

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As someone who is plus size and still working on my weight it can be hard to find a holiday outfit that really works for you. With the increase in companies offering plus size options it has become a little easier in the last few years.

Even with this it is still hard to judge what you find online because even the biggest brands still use the smallest models. On Torrids’ website the models are always a size 1 or 18 which still doesn’t give a real representation of those of use who are a size 3/4 or 22/24.

So, today I would like to show you two outfits that I think will do the trick for a fabulous plus size holiday outfit. I have a few of these items or items that are simalar to them and feel that they would look good on others my size and sizes above or below mine. (I am a size size 3/4 or 22/24 for reference.)

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