MyFitnessPal Premium: Worth the cost?

In one of my previous posts I talked about Sean and I starting to eat healthier. With that we needed a way to track our calories and I introduced him to MyFitnessPal.

I have previously posted about WW (weight watchers) and I am still using the WW app in addition to MyFitnessPal, I know overkill right. My reason for using both is because I was still overeating the 0 point foods available on WW but I also keep track of calories it keeps me a little more accountable.

Sean is using the free version of the MyFitnessPal app but I wanted some of the features available in the premium version. This post is about my experience with the premium version of the app and if I think it’s worth it.

What is MyFitnessPal?

To be simple, it is a calorie counting app available on iOS and Android that has a very extensive list of foods and the ability to track your exercise. MyFitnessPal is also available in an online format so you don’t have to use your phone.

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Stay Home! Stay Safe!

It is day.. who knows of the stay at home orders here in Washington state and I just wanted to write a small post about how my household is doing.

All in all we are fine, no one here is sick and we have been following the stay at home order since the beginning. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared about what is happening out in the world today. Sean and I are taking extra care to not come in contact with anyone because of underlining health problems I have that could make Covid-19 fatal if I got the virus.

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Finding a Keto Menu

The Ketogenic diet has really taken off in the last few years and I believe that it really has to do with the results. I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t actually now much about the ins and outs of the science behind Keto but I have seen that it works. Even my parents have been doing Keto and have lost a noticeable amount of weight.

I have been wanting to start it myself but I’ve had a hard time trying to make dinners for me and Sean that falls under the Keto diet but also something that he will even eat. However, I decided to just do it because if I really want to loose weight and get healthy I need to just.. do it.

So where do I start? First I read ‘The Ketogenic Diet: A Detailed Beginner’s Guide to Keto’ on It really does breakdown the basics of the Keto diet and is a great starting point for anyone.

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Spring Clean Eating

Happy beautiful Sunday morning my gorgeous people! I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend! I spent some great quality time with my beautiful daughter and family and actually as you read this I am preparing to go help my Nana and Pappa with some chores. So today I figured I would share with you one of my goals. I want to eat clean this Spring!

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The Human Condtion


Hi everyone I know the old saying goes that once something is on the internet you can never take it off and I honestly hope in writing this that that is true because if this is my one post that lives forever then at least I know I have touched a few people and maybe changed some minds. I try to keep it fairly lighthearted and very real on this blog and as I sit down on a cold February day to write this after a very… Interesting conversation I must admit that today I’m not as lighthearted. I want to talk about something that some people might not understand… I want to talk about the human condition and the representation of that condition. Now I know that a lot of people are wondering what the human condition is and why representation of it is important and the simple answer to those questions are this… We are the human condition every single one of us and some people are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to how the media, or popular music, or anything really represent them… I am one of those people. So lets talk about it.

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