Debt Snowball: Organizing Our Debt

Today I wanted to talk a little about finances and in the current state of our economy during the pandemic we really need to keep an eye on how we are spending more than usual. In this post I am going to focus more on debt because keeping the debt we already have in check will help in the long run.

Something I use all the time is a debt snowball. What is a debt snowball? If done right a debt snowball is like rolling a snowball down hill, as it rolls it gets bigger and bigger.

When it comes to debt snowball it is the process of paying more than the minimum payment on your smallest debt while paying your minimum payment on the rest of your accounts. Once your smallest debt is paid the month amount is then added to your next debts payment. This strategy makes paying down you debts faster because you are making larger and larger payments as you move along.

To do this is use the following website,

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Spring cleaning wish list and tips

Hello everyone and happy Friday! So today I decided to share my spring cleaning wish list. With the weather warming up a bit (at least where I live) it’s the perfect time to throw on some feel good music and clean all the winter dust out. Cleaning can make you feel so good and refreshed and help reset your mental health and I truly hope this inspires people to dust out the old and sweep in the new.

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Get Organized: Freezer Inventory + Printables

If you can’t tell by the majority of my posts so far this year I am getting organized. I am using this year to turn over a new leaf as people would say. I, Courtney, am a perpetually unorganized and messy person.

So for this post I want to talk about a freezer inventory and make ahead freezer meals. This is something I really want to integrate into my getting organized routine, not only to get organized but to also relieve some of the pressure we feel in the winter. Having a meal ready to go on days you are already super busy can take away some of the stress during the holiday season.

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