20 Summer Grilling Pins

As you can probably tell by now, I really love Pinterest! Not only because it gives me so many ideas but it is kind of easy to share on a blog post. So today I am sharing some of my favorite summer grilling pins that I tend to use throughout the summer. These include main dishes, sides, and even grilled dessert.

Here are 20 of my favorite summer grilling pins.

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Summer Picnic Food and Accessories

Let’s take a trip to the freshly cut grass of your local park, or your own back yard, and have a little picnic together!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite picnic items from food to accessories. I wanted to feature some food that would be simple to make and that most would like or love.

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Summer Dessert Recipes

When I think of summer desserts I often think of something that is light, airy, easy, and sometimes frozen. Who really wants a dessert that is heavy on your stomach when you are already uncomfortable in the summer heat. One top of that no one wants to turn their oven on 350 for very long when it is already 90 outside!

So here are some of my summer dessert recipe recommendations for you. Most of these came from Taste of Home 75 No-Bake Summer Desserts, so go check out that list!

Easy Frozen Strawberry Dessert by Sweet Spicy Kitchen

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My Favorite WW Recipes

Sharing a weight loss journey can be hard for some people and I am one of those people. So instead I figured why not just share the things I am enjoying with in my weight loss journey. One thing I have always enjoyed is cooking and baking, but when it comes to WW, formally Weight Watchers, it can sometimes be hard to find recipes that both Sean and I will eat and both love.

So here are a few of the recipes that over time I have found that we both love.

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Blogmas Day 17 – 5 Christmas Cookies We Love

To be completely honest with you guys I usually don’t make cookies from scratch anymore. Most of the time when Sean wants cookies I don’t have the time to make them from scratch because he requests them the day before he wants them… at like 5 p.m. So usually I make cookies out of those bags of mix, which you do have to add stuff to and still bake but it isn’t truly homemade.

The time of year that the cookies are homemade is of course Christmas! And I would like to share the 5 cookie recipes that we always use.

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Blogmas Day 14 – Edible Christmas Gifts

Every year I make edible gifts for Sean’s work Christmas party. I have made cookies, cupcakes, and mini quick bread loaves in past years. Compared to the last few years, this year was by far the easiest and least time consuming of all of them.

This year I did chocolate bark in a few different flavors and some chocolate covered pretzels. I already have plans for next years gift and I am in envy of how easy this years were compared to what I am doing next year.

Like I said this year was the easiest. Bark is basically melted chocolate you harden into a sheet with more melted chocolate and candy pieces on top. I would say the hardest one was the gingerbread bark that had a cookie base.

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Blogmas Day 12 – Spritz Cookies

In recent years I have found that there aren’t many people in my generation and younger that know what a spritz or press cookie is. It is literally a device that you press cookie dough out of to make small bite size cookies into little cute shapes. It is a little bit of an old fashioned tradition to make spritz/press cookies but it is one I intend to keep.

Surprisingly, Sean’s favorite cookie is the plan Jane almond spritz cookie. It is the most basic of all the spritz cookie recipes out there and he loves dipping them in coffee.

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Little’s Love Applesauce

So… This past week has been a crazy week for my house. Believe it or not Bennita’s house functions off chaos like one tent shy of a full blown circus. JUST KIDDING but seriously very busy getting stuff ready for a giant Halloween block party to help a sick little boy celebrate what might be his last Halloween, making sure costumes for 7 people are figured out, prepping for a bake sale we are doing, filling orders (I work as a designer for a custom products company), and making sure the kids get to school and the husbands get to work (Here is when I should mention I own a home with my mom and dad and my siblings live her too soooo there are 7 of us. Traditional Hawaiian household!) is truly exhausting so quick and easy and picky eater friendly is always on the menu.

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Favorite fall recipes

When it comes to fall I can’t help but to think of all the delicious fall recipes that are on there way to my table. Making pumpkin bread in the summer just isn’t the same as when there’s a cool chill in the air and the leaves start to change.

I have a few go-to recipes that get my house in the fall mood from appetizer to dessert. Enjoy!

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