Welcome to Our Two Houses.

We are Courtney and Bennita the co-creators of Our Two Houses, a lifestyle blog with two views. Our Two Houses is a lifestyle blog the showcases two different ways of life in one space. Our views on everything from life, love, cooking, traveling, health, and more might not always be the same but we are here to share it with you.

Courtney’s House

Hi, I’m Courtney, one of the creators here at Our Two Houses. I am 33 years old, born and raised in Washington State. GO HAWKS! I love food, travel, my pets, and my boyfriend Sean. I originally started the blog (formally eat.sleep.live) to show my perspective in the ‘lifestyle’ blogging world where I didn’t quite fit in to the 20 somethings or ‘mommy’ blogger mold. When I searched for lifestyle blogs I would see the same two set ups over and over again. I needed something different and I could never really find it. So what was it that I was looking to create? I am unmarried but in a dedicated 12 year relationship (and counting) and am child-free by choice. I could never find a regular lifestyle blog for the over thirty minus the ‘mommy’ category.

Bennita’s House

Hi, I’m Bennita the Co-Creator here Our Two Houses. I’m 25 years old born in Washington raised between Washington and Hawaii. GO 49ERS!!! I love love love food, ghost and paranormal stuff, crafting and my wonderful husband Anthony and my Step-daughter Rayne. I joined this blog with Courtney to share my perspective on to use Courtney’s words the “Lifestyle blog”. I in reality am a 20 something and a mommy but know that my world isn’t picture perfect. Sometimes finding good family recipes are hard, sometimes finding crafts to do with littles is a chore in itself and sometimes everyone needs some real talk and I hope to share that. I’ve been married 4 years together for 5 and am helping to raise a 6 year old and I hope I can bring in some simple tips and tricks for recipes, some easy crafts for all seasons to do with littles and some real talk both for step parents and just married people in general. I hope my house can be your lifestyle blog for the family that is cut just a little different.

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