Courtney’s House Update #5

Last month had a bit of a rant for most of the update and I want to try not to do that… but I can’t guarantee that.

So on to the updates.

Last month I talked about the truck and how the front brakes went out on us while we were on a little road trip, yes social distancing. When we got home about a week later the truck started to shake when Sean accelerated. Turns out we now had to change the spark plugs and one of the coil packs, another $200 into the truck…

I know that the truck is a 2014 but it seems to be having a lot of problems for being 6 years old. We have had to change the same coil pack on the engine before (about 6 months ago) and it has been said on forums that many of the 2014 Fords have a problem with coil pack #5. So we are hoping that we can pay off the truck a little faster (we got it used) and get something new/newer with less miles.

Weight Loss Update

I’m going to start my weight loss updates her in the monthly updates. Sean and I have both been eating healthier and tracking out calories with MyFitnessPal (seen in THIS post). I have also increased my exercise to at least 5 times a week including a weekly hike with my mom. I am sticking to something Jessica Braun said in a video when it come to exercise, “Don’t go more than one day with out exercising.” This way you get a break but you have something to stick by and keep you going. So if I work out Saturday and take a break Sunday, then I have to work out Monday.

So I’m going to share my weigh in from the beginning of the month and the end of the month. We weigh in on Sunday mornings so these weights are from the first and last Sunday of the month.

For the month of July I had a 3 pound total loss. This would have been more but I had a small gain of 1.6 pounds in the middle of the month. It was simple because of over eating on my birthday and eating take out the Saturday before weight in on my birthday week.

Personal Update

This month has actually been a good one. I said a while ago that I would tell my story about my weight loss journey and other personal stuff. I haven’t felt like telling my stories yet but they will be coming soon.

That’s all for the updates this time. See you in August.

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