Cookbook Challenge

Welcome to my first post for my cookbook challenge!

I have seen this challenge over the years on some of the blogs I read and I desided that I wanted to start this challenge myself. Most of these challenges are just personal challenges that aren’t really posted about on blogs until they are done and share their final thoughts. I wanted to do this a little differently…

I want to post every single recipe I am able to complete and my thoughts on it. Did I change anything? Was it harder than the instruction lead me to believe? Along with posting the recipe with my personal take on it. To see all these post together you can click here.

What is this post?

This is my introduction to my version of the cookbook challenge. Here are my rules.

  1. Cook every single recipe in a cookbook, in any order.
  2. Cook at least one recipe a week. Can do as many as you want but have to do at least one.
  3. Share the original recipe (printable) along with any edits you made.

That’s it… Just 3 rules.

What cookbook am I using for this first cookbook challenge?

The Pioneer Woman Cooks: The New Frontier – 112 Fantastic Favorites For Everyday Eating

If you write a blog, or even if you want to have an adventure with food, give this challenge a try. Comment below your favorite cookbook challenge posts from other blogs.

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