YouTube Spotlight: RawBeautyKristi

It has been over 8 months since I did a YouTube Spotlight and I thought it was time to do another one. So today I wanted to feature RawBeautyKristi!

I have been watching Kristi for about 4 years, when she did a lot of Halloween make up tutorials. Over the years she has developed her channel into more of the standard makeup review and get ready with me kind of channel. Kristi has also included some of the trials that she has gone through in her life and makes you feel like you are best friends even though you’ve never met.

My number one favorite video by Kristi is a Halloween transformation where she turned herself into Guy Fieri. Kristi is hilarious in all the things she dose and this video is number one for me.

One of the struggles that Kristi has shared over the years is her battle with fertility, and I call it a battle because Kristi and her husband did everything in their power to become parents. After years of medication and trying everything her doctor told her to Kristi and her husband decided to stop. However, the world, god, or whatever you believe in had different plans for them. This video is an emotional one and it is Kristi’s reaction to finding out she is pregnant after over 10 years of being told she could never have a baby.

Last on my list is a very recent and Kristi really deserves it!

Kristi has a collab with Pur Cosmetics! As fans of Kristi we have been saying she should collab with a few different companies and it has finally happened. Kristi’s collab with Pur Cosmetics is a double sided eyeshadow palette and two pairs of false lashes.

You can get them here! I really love this palette because it will be great for traveling. With this double sided palette you have everything you need for any look on the go. Nice dinner out? Neutral side for a nice simple look. Night at the club? The colorful side lets you go a little more adventurous with your look.

If you’ve never heard of RawBeautyKristi you should check out her channel.

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