Drugstore Makeup Tag

Recently I watched a video by Jessica Braun with this Drugstore Makeup Tag and at the end she said that she put the questions in the description for others to blog or make a video. I have to say that I hadn’t even thought about blogging about tags that are usually used for YouTube.

So, today I’m going to share the Drugstore Makeup Tag…

  1. If you could only use one drugstore/affordable brand, what would it be?
    • E.L.F., this brand has very affordable options that are of higher quality than many other drugstore brands out there. They have products ranging from makeup to skincare and many other items in between.
  2. What’s the most underrated drugstore/affordable brand?
    • I would have to say that my answer in the same as number one. E.L.F. has stepped up their products over the years and has become as good if not better than other drugstore brands in the last few years but have kept it affordable.
  1. What’s the most overrated drugstore/affordable brand?
    • I have two for this question and those would be Revlon and L’Oreal. Not many of the products offered by both of these companies have ever really worked for me.
  2. What is your favorite drugstore product under $5
    • The E.L.F. bite-size eyeshadow quads are one of my favorite products under $5. These eyeshadow quads are only $3 with the quality of something much more expensive. They are easy to travel with and each quad is themed so that you can get a nice look with out any guess work.
  3. What is a hidden gem from the drugstore that no one talks about?
    • Milani cosmetics brushes. Not many people that I watch on YouTube talk about their brushes. Milani’s brushes sit at a great price point and work amazingly to apply product.
  4. What’s your favorite drugstore foundation?
    • Wet n Wild photo focus dewy foundation. I truthfully did not like the first photo focus foundation that Wet n Wild came out with and it turns out that is because it was a matte formula. Recently they released a dewy version and I love it.
  5. What products do you tend to buy more at the drugstore vs. high-end?
    • I do have a really good mix of both with favorites in each category but I am more of a drugstore buyer. Mostly because it’s what I can afford but also because I can find things that perform like high-end products at drugstore prices.
  6. What drugstore brand do you think is overpriced?
    • I think that Physicians Formula and L’Oreal tend to be a little overpriced for what you get. There are some items that these two brands have that I can find similar and better from different brands at a better price.
  7. What’s your favorite drugstore dupe?
    • I think I would have to go with they E.L.F. putty eye primer in comparison to the M.A.C. paint pot.
  8. What’s the best drugstore eyeshadow formula?
    • This would be a tie between E.L.F. and Colourpop for eyeshadow.
  9. What’s the worst drugstore eyeshadow formula?
    • Some of the L’Oreal eyeshadows are just not my cup of tea. I’ve only had a few experiences with their eyeshadows and every one of them were bad.
  10. Drugstore brand you used to love but aren’t crazy about anymore?
    • Physicians Formula for sure! They used to be at a better price point and many of their products were great. Over the last few years some of those items are no longer available and their prices have gone up.
  11. Drugstore product you didn’t expect to like but totally wowed you?
    • Again with the E.L.F. bite-size eyeshadow quads. When E.L.F first started their quality matched their prices but as their quality has improved I have been surprised many times.
  12. Favorite affordable eyeshadow palette right now?
    • I have to go with the E.L.F. eyeshadow once again! I currently own Cream & Sugar and Berry Bad. Jessica also showed a new one in her video called Pumpkin Pie which I will be looking for.

Here is Jessica’s original video! Check out her answers…

Thank you for checking out my Drugstore Makeup Tag answers! Comment below some of yours.

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