Weekend At The Sand

I wanted to share some of my favorite summer things and Sean suggested that I share a trip that we take every year. For anyone who loves ATV’s and UTV’s you will love this place, the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area. We try to go once a year to camp and go riding on the dunes and I wanted to share it.

The Dunes

The Oregon Dunes is a 31,500-acre portion of the Siuslaw National Forest that extends for 40 miles along the Oregon coast from Florence, OR to Coos Bay, OR. About half of the area that comprises the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area is open to motorized vehicles.

There are three main areas that offer riding opportunities, camping, and staging areas; North, Middle, and South. Sean and I, along with some family and friends, always stay in the southern part of the dunes which has the most campgrounds and the best dune and beach access.


Over the years of camping we have started to want some of the ‘luxuries’ such as running water and electricity and toilets and showers. Sean and I have stayed at a few campgrounds, with and without the ‘luxuries’, over the years but we have a favorite, Riley Ranch.

This campground consists of 92 reservable campsites with water and electrical hookups and two 16 foot by 20 foot cabins. The campground also has two restroom and shower buildings but doesn’t have an RV dump station. Riley Ranch accommodates ATV and UTV users with direct dune access.

ATV Safety Card

In order to ride any kind OHV (off road vehicle) you must get an ATV safety card. Here is some information from the ATV safety card site.

Effective January 1, 2014, all operators of quads and three-wheel ATVs (Class I ATVs) and off-road motorcycles (Class III ATVs) must have an ATV Safety Education card when operating on lands open to public use. In order to make training as convenient as possible, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department now offers this free safety education program and certification online. Youth under age 16 have the additional requirement to get hands-on training.

Ride ATV Oregon

For anyone over the age of 16 the education program is fairly simple and completely online. The course and card are free, unless you lose your card it is $8.00 for a replacement. When you are out riding on the Oregon dunes you must have this card on you at all times and can be ticketed if you don’t.

If you are thinking about traveling to the Oregon dunes please take the safety course!! Even if you don’t have an OHV and plan to rent one or ride someone else’s, take the initiative and get the safety card. The course teaches you a lot of information you might not think of.

If you have ever taken a trip to the dunes leave a comment below.







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