Summer Hairstyles

Who here hates having their hair down in the summer? *raises her hand*

Who is also tired of the same old ponytail and messy bun? *raises her hand*

With that said, I can’t really do much else with my hair because I just never learned and I’m not really coordinated enough to do some stuff. Sometimes I watch YouTube videos of hair tutorials 20 times and I still can’t get my hair, or my hands, to do what is supposed to be happening. So I want to share some of the summer hairstyles I have found around the web that I wish I could do with my hair.

I also wanted to include a YouTube channel, Lainey Marie Beauty, that I have been following for a little bit now because I love her hair tutorials. I love show she slows down some of the steps so that you can actually see when the heck she is doing!

What are your go to summer hairstyles? Comment below.


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