Sean’s Favorite Healthy Snacks

Starting a healthier lifestyle has been hard, as it would be for anyone, but it has been a lot harder for Sean. Unlike me, Sean is very picky about not only his food but also how it is cooked and coming up with not only meal but snacks have been hard sometimes.

So today I am going to share with you Sean’s favorite healthy snacks that are so simple that most people will love them. These snacks are low in calories and will hold you over when you hit that mid-afternoon slump.

Grapes are at the top of the list for Sean. He really loves Cotton Candy grapes that are only around for about a month in the summer. Yes, they really do taste like cotton candy with all the benefits of eating grapes and none of the bad things that come from cotton candy.

Grapes are about 104 calories for 1 cup.

I can’t say that I really agree with this choice because I can’t eat bell peppers raw like Sean can. He loves when I just slice bell peppers into strips and send them in his lunch.

Bell peppers are about 60 calories for 1 cup.

We love bananas in this house and usually have at least two bunches on our counter at any given time. I love making healthy banana ice cream once a week as a little treat.

One medium banana is about 105 calories.

Sean’s last fruit/veggie snack is watermelon. I can’t stand watermelon personally but Sean can eat a whole watermelon in just a few days. We always make sure to buy a few throughout the summer for BBQs or just to have.

Watermelon is about 46 calories for about one cup.

Sean’s first packaged snack are these Black Forest Juicy Burst mixed fruit snacks. These are actually a new snack as of last weekend. One of the things that Sean misses the most from before our diet switch is the sweet snacks and these have curbed some of his cravings.

One snack pouch is 70 calories.

Last is the snack that has the most calories and is often in Sean’s lunches. These Sargento balanced breaks snacks are one of Sean’s favorite snack from even before we started eating better. These snack packs are a great balance of nuts, cheese, and something a little sweet. Sean’s favorites are the White cheddar, Almonds, and Cranberries.

One tray of the Sargento White Cheddar, Almonds, and Cranberries is 180 calories.

What are your go to healthy snacks?

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