Courtney’s House Update #4

I went back and looked to see how many of these I have actually done because I thought I was only on my third month of doing house updates. I will start numbering them so that there is a difference in the titles in the future.

On to the updates.

Sean is still working and they are still taking the recommended steps to protect everyone at work. We both believe that our state opened way too fast but when you’re told to go back to work you kind of have to, you know because of mortgage payments. Washington States Covid-19 cases are going back up, like many places that have opened up, and it scares me that people are acting as if it is no big deal… It is scary to think of how little people think of each other when it comes to each other’s life.

A lot of people just don’t get it that they might be fine but the people around them might not be. I have seen people post, even some of my family, that it isn’t a big deal and that the flu is worst but it’s not.

Covid-19 takes double the time of the Flu to show symptoms or any symptoms at all, meaning that you can be spreading it to vulnerable people for up to two weeks and not even know. Covid-19 is two times more likely to cause secondary infections and sicknesses than the Flu. Covid-19’s mortality rate is between 3% and 4%, while the seasonal Flu is below 0.1%. Lastly, our bodies immune system has never experienced the Covid-19 virus, meaning we do not have antibodies to fight it, where as with the flu we not only have the flu shot but our bodies have encountered the flu for hundreds of years.

On to something else.

A little over a month ago the breaks went out on the truck, so Sean changed the breaks all around and then the breaks master cylinder went out. A little over year ago the break master cylinder was replaced by Ford because of a recall but because it had been over a year so they wouldn’t cover it… so Sean replaced that too.

This weekend we took a little road trip and on our way back that breaks started squealing really loudly. We stopped in at a Les Schwab and it turns out that the front breaks were defective causing the breaks to stay clamped. Now $598 later we have new breaks that are now guaranteed because they were done at a business. Maybe we should have done that in the first place…

Take a breath…

I guess that is all for now and I can’t wait until next months update.

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