Summer Picnic Food and Accessories

Let’s take a trip to the freshly cut grass of your local park, or your own back yard, and have a little picnic together!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite picnic items from food to accessories. I wanted to feature some food that would be simple to make and that most would like or love.

Here are two main dish options for your picnic. They are both sandwiches making them easy to transport and make.

Prosciutto Picnic Sandwiches

These are what I would make for a picnic in Paris under the shadows of the Eiffel Tower.

It is a fresh baguette is topped with salty prosciutto, creamy brie, fresh and peppery arugula, and sweet fig compote.

The Millennial Cook says, “This sandwich aspires to distill all of my most favorite memories of picnicking in Europe into one easy, transportable dish.”

These sandwiches can be easily wrapped or just take the ingredients and make it while you sip some wine.

Pressed Italian Picnic Sandwich

Like the sandwich above this is just one of those sandwiches you picture then thinking of a that movie scene sandwich.

How man times can I say sandwich?

This ciabatta baguette, or focaccia, is paired with red bell peppers, arugula, a little cheese if you want it, and a variety of Italian meats. The trick is to ‘press’ this sandwich for at least 6 hours. Seasons and Suppers says to place it in a cast-iron pan, cold pan, and top it with a cast-iron press in the fridge.

This might not fall into the ‘easy’ category for sandwiches but it sure does fall into the yum category!

With a main dish you always need a great side.

Deli Style Pasta Salad in a Mason Jar

Everyone will love this fairly simple Italian deli style pasta salad.

Noodles, pepperoni, broccoli, cheese, and Italian dressing is super simple to throw together. You can also mix and match other ingredients to make it your own. Want a little spice to you pasta salad? Add spicy pepperoni!

Putting anything in a mason jar just makes it a little bit cuter too. It also makes it a little easier to travel with, you can portion out just a serving for the two of you, or more, and not worry about carrying around a big bowl of pasta salad.

Water Chestnut Pea Salad

I picked this side because it is a family favorite, though it isn’t this exact recipe. I can never remember what is our families pea salad and can never find the text from my aunt with the ingredients list. This is also one of Sean favorite side dishes for any holiday.

However this one is really close and also very portable in a mason jar!

Dessert is king in all aspects of the picnic. If you can’t end your meal on a high note then whats the point, right…

Chocolate Filled Strawberries

One of the most basic romantic desserts is chocolate cover, or filled in this case, strawberries.

This is an easy and contained picnic dessert that I think anyone would really love. The egg carton idea from Jessie Daye is amazing and something I wouldn’t have ever thought of.

Banana Cream Pie in a Mason Jar

Another little mason jar this time filled with one of my favorite desserts. I can never pass up a little Banana Cream Pie!

Creamy pudding combined with the soft crunch of vanilla wafers, whipped cream and a little real banana makes for the perfect dessert in my opinion.

Just like with the pasta salad, you can make single portions for you picnic. OR just any old party because you cant never go wrong with cute mason jar desserts.

When I think of going for that movie scene picnic in the park you also need some accessories. So I wanted to share some picnic accessories I have saved in my ‘Adventures’ wish list.

Basket for Two $66.00

Extra Large Picnic Blanket 90″ by 80″ $30.00

Picnic Time Sunshelter $70.00

I really hope you have some movies scene adventures planned for your spring and summer! Let me know below what your plans are.







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