3 Dream Summer Vacations

As spring slowly, I mean slowly, comes to an end and everything starts to open back up I am starting to look ahead!

Part of summer for most includes a little or extravagant summer vacation. So I thought I would share three of my dream summer vacations. The first two are more on the reasonable side as someone who is already a US citizen and can freely travel to the first two destinations with out trouble. My third dream vacation would take a bit more planning including getting a passport.

So where do I want to go?

1. Wailea in Maui, Hawaii

First up is Maui Hawaii, specifically the area of Wailea on Maui and I picked this area and this island because all of the travel blogs I read said the area has the least amount of tourists. When Sean and I travel we prefer not to be too touristy… If that even makes sense… Even though we would be staying in a beach front hotel we like to see the city as locals most of the time.

Where we would stay…

Wailea Beach Resort by Marriott, starting at $500 a night. This resort boosts 8 dinning options ranging from the Mo Bettah Food Truck to the more formal dinning of Humble Market Kitchen to romantic private sunset beach dinner. Other amenities include the Mandara Spa, Fitness center, five pools, and three golf courses!

2. US Virgin Islands, St. Croix

As I said above, my first two are on the reasonable side because I don’t have to get a passport to visit them and this includes St. Croix. The US Virgin Islands are US territories and include three tropical islands in the Caribbean. Getting a Caribbean vacation with out a passport is amazing!

Where would we stay…

The Buccaneer, starting at $315 a night. This inclusive resort have been family owned since 1947. The Buccaneer includes four restaurants including in-room dinning options, romantic and family meals on the beach. Amenities include a spacious golf course, tennis courts, and a full service spa. Guests can also enjoy using kayaks, snorkeling gear, beach toys, and other activities.

3 Dublin and Galway Ireland


This last dream vacation is the more extravagant summer vacation and one that will take more planning. Visiting Ireland has always been one of Sean’s dreams and I plan to make it happen within the next few years but I haven’t started to plan it yet. I know that we want to visit at least Dublin and Galway but we also want to travel around the country, staying in small towns that don’t see as many tourists.


What is one of your dream vacations? Even if it’s just a simple trip to the beach. Comment below.




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