7 Summer Lemonade Recipes

What is summer with out a nice tall glass of cold lemonade as you sit in a lawn chair and soak your feet in a kiddie pool? Well.. it is still summer but a less enjoyable summer!

Lemonade has always been a summer staple for many people and sometimes, in my opinion, it can get boring… So I decided to collect a few lemonade recipes that are sure to change up your basic lemonade in something suited for a summer party.

Peach Lemonade by Will Cook For Smiles

Blueberry Lemonade by Julies Eats and Treats

Lavender Lemonade by The Food Blog

Strawberry Lemonade by A Farmgirl’s Kitchen

Boozy Lemonade Slushies (Adults Only) by Seasoned Sprinkles

Pomegranate Lemonade by Totally the Bomb

Sparkling Watermelon Lemonade by The Bold Abode

All of these lemonades look really amazing and refreshing! With summer fast approaching I will defiantly be making some of these for family barbecues.

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