Bonding Time! Spring Garden Edition!

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is staying safe and sane at home and that you are doing well. I figured today we could celebrate Friday by just winding down and doing something fun. Gardening.

This year we built a raised herb bed for the patio and planted a few things in the topsy-turvys and let me tell you something… Gardening is so relaxing and if you have littles its a great life lesson and great bonding time everyday.

Rayne, Alex, Lilly, Mia and I have had so much fun watching our plants grow and taking care of them. It has become a routine and it’s a great way to teach littles about where food comes from and just spend a few special moments together. So let’s plant!


  • A place to plant. I.E. a raised garden, a window box, ect…
  • Soil (We used Miracle grow and PNW Pride raised bed soil)
  • Plant food (We used Miracle grow band)
  • Veggie, herb, or flower seeds or starters
  • Gloves
  • Sheres
  • Water can

Now everyone has a different method of planting but what we did was explain to the kids what soil we were using and why, had them dump it into the planter and mix it up well, water the soil a bit, dig small holes and put their herbs in… We let each kid pick a plant to take care of so they could see their hard work. Everyday Rayne and I go outside and check the herbs and I answer any questions she has. It’s a great life lesson for her to knwo where food comes from and a great time for her and I to just bond.

I hope you all can find time to plant and have a wonderful weekend. Stay safe, stay healthy and as always love Bennita’s House.


  1. Research your herbs and veggies before planting as some are invasive to others. Herbs like mint, spiramint, and stevia will take over while other veggies like potatoes, turnips, and beets will kill your garden by taking all the water.
  2. If using a raised bed with legs don’t forget to drill water holes on the bottom.
  3. Deadhead dying plants. Dead dry leaves steal nutrients.
  4. Don’t over water. Pay attention to your plant don’t drown it but don’t starve it.

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