RV Accessory Wish List

As you know Sean and I recently got an RV and I posted about some of our RV Inspiration for when we start to fix it up a little. To no ones surprise I also have an Amazon wish list of accessories I want to buy for the RV. Planning a camping trip in a RV has made me realize that there are a few things that we don’t have because tent camping is a little bit different than going in an RV.

So below are my some of the items I have in my RV Accessory Wish List.

AHL 90pcs Blade Fuse Assortment $6.99

You always need back ups when it comes to fuses! This is more of a Sean wish list item because as far as we know everything in the RV is from when it was built in 1986.

ACOPOWER Fold-able and Portable Solar Panel Kit $352.00

The ‘Some day’ wish list includes this solar panel kit, or one similar once we actually get one. Not all camp sites have hook ups for RVs and we want to be able to have power on the go. I know it’s a luxury but isn’t that the point of camping in an RV instead of tent camping!

Wheel Chocks $9.35

I have been told by Sean that these are a must have for an RV and I added them to the list because he said so, lol. They are important to help your RV not roll in emergency situations.

Kalrede Nesting Bowls with Accessories $26.99

This first items in a set of nesting bowls with accessories. With an RV, at least with our 22 foot RV, you are limited on space and these nesting bowls are perfect.

These bowls and measuring cups all stack together so they take up one space rather than cluttering up the cupboards and drawers.

Stormate Collapsible Garbage Bag Holder $22.03

Pure convenience! Usually when camping we just have a random trash bag sitting around for trash. This is a great concept because it can fold down when you’re not using it making it great for RV storage.

Camco 28″ Double RV Refrigerator Bar $6.56

Just from driving around the block when we were test driving the RV I already knew securing stuff would be necessary. These refrigerator bars are just your basic tension rods that can also be used in cupboards to keep stuff in place.

Like with all other RVs the fridge and cupboards all latch close but these refrigerator bars can help your stuff not go too crazy in there.

IKICH Ice Maker for Counter top, 26lbs Ice Cubes in 24Hrs $128.99

Some newer RVs have ice makers built in and man I would love that but they didn’t do that in 1986. Enter this counter top ice maker that can make up to 26 pounds of ice in 24 hours.

Who doesn’t like an ice cold soda on a hot summer day of camping in the RV?

Camco Durable Steel Refrigerator-Freezer Thermometer $6.22

This last item is just a replacement for the current plastic thermometer that is in the RV. The current one definitely looks like it has been there since 1986.

We have no idea if it actually works correctly anymore so we figured that we would just buy a new one.

This list will probably get bigger as we start to plan our trips in the RV. Do you have an older RV and have any suggestions for what we might need?

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