My Favorite WW Recipes

Sharing a weight loss journey can be hard for some people and I am one of those people. So instead I figured why not just share the things I am enjoying with in my weight loss journey. One thing I have always enjoyed is cooking and baking, but when it comes to WW, formally Weight Watchers, it can sometimes be hard to find recipes that both Sean and I will eat and both love.

So here are a few of the recipes that over time I have found that we both love.

Taco Casserole by Slap Dash Mom

Sean and I both love taco anything, as we learned with the sesame beef tacos. So basically if it has the word taco in it we love it.

I really love taco casseroles because its a taco with out the mess or trying to eat it with a taco shell.

Chicken Broccoli Bake by A Mama Blessed

I have to admit that this dish isn’t a 100% love for Sean. We are both picky eaters, of different things of course, and some times chicken is hit or miss for him.

I on the other hand will always love chicken, broccoli and cheese together.

Flatout Bread BBQ Chicken Pizza by Flatout Bread

Flatout bread is always in the cupboard at our house because it is a great WW alternative for sandwiches or wraps.

This recipe was actually on one of my Flatout packages once. I had it for lunch and then decided to make it for dinner that same day. Sean really loved it, even the chicken, and we have it at least once a month now.

Weight Watchers Cheesecake by Slap Dash Mom

This cheesecake is kind of amazing if you don’t mind Greek yogurt. Sean was on the fence because of the tartness the yogurt gives it but just add some chocolate syrup and he was fine.

Are any of you on WW? Leave a link to your favorite recipes in the comments!

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