Sesame Beef Tacos

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I have no idea why I haven’t shared this recipe yet but it is one of my favorite Hellofresh recipes! Needless to say, but I will, when ever this recipe comes up as an option on my Hellofresh account I get multiples of it.

The first time I got this recipe I was a little put off by the name sesame tacos because the only tacos I’ve ever had are from Mexican restaurants and our versions at home. The combination of taco and sesame beef didn’t really make since in my head but after making this recipe I found a new favorite go to dinner.

To the recipe! Sesame Beef Tacos with quick pickled veggies and chili sour cream.

This recipe has a wide range of flavors and possibilities that gives you bold flavor in the form of a taco. To be honest I don’t follow the recipe 100% because I don’t really like the spice, but cutting the Sriracha and Korean chili flakes in half still gives a zing. The combination of sesame oil and quick pickled cucumber and radishes gives it the balance you need for a fresh and tangy taco.

I never thought that cucumber and radishes that are quick pickled would be good on any kind of taco. This recipe is also Sean approved. As I have said in other post, Sean is a hard person to cook for when you are trying to expand what you cook and eat. Of course this is ground beef, which he loves, so it wasn’t all that hare to convince him to try it. However, just like me, he wasn’t to sure about the combination of sesame beef, picked veggies, and ‘taco’.

Unfortunately Hellofresh is a recipe like this doesn’t come up for selection all the time but it isn’t that hard of a recipe that you can’t do it at home yourself. It just takes a little longer because some items aren’t prepped for you.

Recipe will print in two pages landscape.

If you would like to try Hellofresh you can get a $40 off your first box you can use my referral link here or you can follow the regular link here.

Let me know if you tried this recipe below. If you already use Hellofresh, what is your favorite recipe you’ve tried?

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