Large Family Big Virus

Missing Rayne, My momma, and Duck.

Hi my lovely people! So today I decided to share with y’all how COVID-19 is affecting my large family. This post is going to be part personal update, part health reminder, part fun activity instructional so; lets dive right in.


So as some of you may not know Washington state is under a “Stay Home-Stay Healthy” order so basically unless it’s to go somewhere essential like a grocery store, work, or the doctor you must stay home. Well with a large family that situation gets interesting. Thus far we have basically remodeled the back yard, replaced 2 faucets, cleaned a fourth of the garage and learned the benefits of separation lol! I’m not saying its all bad I’ve spent great quality time with my beautiful Rayne while doing her school work and we’ve gotten a lot done but let me tell you… When you have no other options than to stay at home… It gets DULL. Anthony and I beat Borderlands 3 and like many people in the U.S. watched Tiger King on Netflix so that’s good but that’s about it. Grocery shopping is a little harder now because people are still panic buying but we are okay and I hope you are too!


Now comes the tough part… Reminding you all to be safe and stay healthy. I know in my house if we have to leave the house and come back and when Anthony and dad get home from work we are immediately taking showers and washing whatever clothes we wore. A lot has come out about how to fight getting the virus and we are taking it seriously. Please remember these rules:

  • Practice social distancing when possible (Stay 6 feet away from other people)
  • Wash your hands in water over 70F or sanitize with 60% alcohol sanitizer or higher.
  • Sanitize frequently touched surfaces often with E.P.A approved sanitizers (Link at
  • Shower as soon as possible after returning home from the public.
  • Cover your mouth and nose when sneezing or coughing.
  • Stay home if your feeling ill.


The kids painting the window.

Okay so now we are going to end on a fun note! If you have restless littles or just enjoy some fun art I have a simple project for you… D.I.Y. Stained Glass Windows. This project is super fun and super easy and if you have littles it will keep them entertained for a while. I found this project a few weeks ago and my Rayne, Mia (My sister), Alex (My brother) and, Lilly (My brothers girlfriend) painted our front window and then painted it again Friday. So here is what you need to do it.


  • Painters Tape or Masking Tape
  • Various colors of Acrylic Paint
  • Dish Soap
  • Paint Brushes
  • Paper Plate or Paint Pallet
  1. Tape off window with the tape in various shapes (We did a heart in the middle)
  2. Put paint on your plate or pallet
  3. Mix in 1 to 2 drops of dish soap to each color of paint
  4. Paint window and have fun
  5. Let paint dry
  6. Remove tape and stand in awe of your beautiful art.
Finished window

Well guys enjoy the art project and do your best to stay healthy. As always Love Bennita’s House.

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