Would you survive?

Everything in the world is a little bit crazy right now and for someone like me it makes me think of the what if and if we would survive. What if this turned in to a full on apocalypse situation? Anything from the full collapse of our government to the extreme of the beloved sci-fi category of a zombie apocalypse.

Do you think you would survive any of those situations or anything in between? Would you know how to get food is there wasn’t a grocery store? Clothing without a mall and sewing by hand?

To be clear I don’t think that our current situation with Covid-19 will turn into one of these situation but if it did… how prepared are you?

Today I wanted to share some really basic information on skills you might want to learn and why.

Sewing by Hand

Sewing by hand is a skill that isn’t used much in everyday life in our current times. However, if it came down to it could you mend or even make yourself something to wear?

This very basic skill has been lost over time and it is one I think that everyone should know even outside of an ‘apocalypse’ situation.

The Basic Sewing Skills Everyone Should Know

Stitches and Techniques for Hand Sewing

Gardening and Farming

These skills are only known by the ones who do it. For the ordinary person living their lives not much is really considered about where their food comes from.

Yes we all know it is grown or raised and butchered but do you know where you can plant something. Or how to even start? This skill would be very important in any situation where your everyday grocery store might not be there anymore.

10 Basic Gardening Tips for Beginners

When to Plant

Basic Survival Skills

This is the biggest one for last.

If everything that you normally rely on to live stopped working would you have the basic skills to survive?

Starting a fire, finding water, hunting or scavenging for food… any of it. You would need skills that you never really thought of and most don’t even know the basics.

25 Skills Every Person Must Master To Survive The Apocalypse


Do you think you could survive? What are some skills or knowledge that you think we should have?

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