Pet Profiles: Lucille and Thor

I would like to officially introduce you to our pets. Dating profile style…

Lucille Ball a.k.a. Lucy

First is our little Lucille Ball or as she is usually called, Lucy.

Lucy here is a Boston Terrier and she is 9 years old. She has allergies to almost everything, including Benadryl!

She does not enjoy long walks on the beach because the ocean scares her along with fireworks and any loud noise.

Lucy is very energetic and always wants to play with her toys but with lots of naps in between. She loves cuddles and just being around anyone.


Next we have Thor our 10 year old rescue cat. He was found and taken to my moms work, The Pet Doctor, and she nursed him back to health.

Thor is a mix of overly energetic and an always sleeping log. He enjoys beating up Lucy, chasing a stray bug or two around the house, and sleeping most of the day away.

Thor loves laying next to us but not getting kisses, (he runs away). He has somehow lost every mouse toy we have gotten for him, so needless to say he isn’t very organized.

So that is Lucy and Thor, dating profile style. If you had to write a profile for your pet, who would they be?

And, Just because.. here are some more pictures of them!

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