Happy Easter 2020

Hello my beautiful bunnies! Happy Easter 2020! I know things are grim right now and the world is a mess but I figured like I do with every holiday I can share some uncommon history and hopefully spread some joy.


  1. EGG DYING! Dying eggs dates back to ancient Pagens! It is said that dying eggs were seen as a colorful rebirth and were given as gifts to friends and family. It was adopted by other religions and eventually the world in mid to late 1700’s.
  2. EASTER BUNNY! The Easter bunny also dates back to the ancient Pagens. They celebrated an ancient Goddess named Eostre known for her fertility much like rabbits. Germans changed the Goddess to an egg laying hare in the 1700’s.
  3. EASTER BASKETS! Easter baskets started as a wat to get the German Hare Goddess Osterhase to come to the homes of children. It was fashioned to look like a colorful nest to encourage him to come and lay Easter eggs.
  4. THE EASTER HAM! The traditional Easter ham comes again from the Pagens. Pagen hunters often would hunt wild hogs in the winter and leave them to cure so pork was often the only meat they would have ready by the Spring rebirth celebration.

Now I hope that you all have a wonderful day and despite the condition of the world I hope it is joyful. I hope you enjoyed the facts and as always Love Bennita’s House.

P.S. I want to wish a very hoppy 19th birthday to my little brother-in-law Jon. Have a wonderful day and don’t be dumb. I love you!

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