Stay Home! Stay Safe!

It is day.. who knows of the stay at home orders here in Washington state and I just wanted to write a small post about how my household is doing.

All in all we are fine, no one here is sick and we have been following the stay at home order since the beginning. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a little scared about what is happening out in the world today. Sean and I are taking extra care to not come in contact with anyone because of underlining health problems I have that could make Covid-19 fatal if I got the virus.

In truth, my day to day life hasn’t really changed all that much. I am, what most would call a ‘home body’ and don’t really leave my house much in the first place. In reality I hadn’t been out in the world for over two weeks already when the stay at home order came.

However, it has altered Sean’s a lot. His company laid off everyone and he is now on unemployment and at only 40% of his pay we have started to feel the impact. He is also so bored that he built a bird house today.

In this time of unknown I think it is important that we find things to keep ourselves busy. Anxiety and fear can run high in times like this and even though the fear is of the unknown we must all sacrifice and take the actions needed to help those around us.

Mostly I just want to say that everything is good in our little bubble that we have placed around ourselves and I hope that you are safe.

For those who can not stay at home and are still out there working saving lives. Thank you!

Please read these links if you are looking for information.

CDC Covid-19

World Health Organization Covid-19

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