Finding a Keto Menu

The Ketogenic diet has really taken off in the last few years and I believe that it really has to do with the results. I’m not afraid to admit that I don’t actually now much about the ins and outs of the science behind Keto but I have seen that it works. Even my parents have been doing Keto and have lost a noticeable amount of weight.

I have been wanting to start it myself but I’ve had a hard time trying to make dinners for me and Sean that falls under the Keto diet but also something that he will even eat. However, I decided to just do it because if I really want to loose weight and get healthy I need to just.. do it.

So where do I start? First I read ‘The Ketogenic Diet: A Detailed Beginner’s Guide to Keto’ on It really does breakdown the basics of the Keto diet and is a great starting point for anyone.

It also has the second think I am looking for when it comes to starting the diet, simplicity. What I mean by that is it provides a basic week long menu to get you started. When it comes to diets or eating right I am the kind of person who need simple yet clear cut structure. This menu and the others in this post provide that for anyone like me who want to get started but need those lines to be draw.

A Detailed Beginner’s Guide to Keto – 1 Week Menu

Everyday Health – 7-Day Simple Keto Menu

I Breathe I’m Hungry – 3-Day Keto Kickstart

I really hope these menus help someone who has been wanting to start Keto but like me just didn’t know where to. I think these menus are the simple yet clear cut outline of what to do I was looking for.

Do you have any tips?

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