RV Inspiration

Sean and I love camping but the last few times we have gone camping in a tent has taken it’s toll on us. It usually takes us a couple days to recover from camping and it really just kind of sucks. Needless to say, because of the title of this post, we recently got an RV and it’s definitely not brand new. So there are a few things that we need and want to do.

Our new and first RV is a 1986 Minnie Winnebago! Surprisingly to us, the RV is in good shape, except the battery, and most of the things we want to do are cosmetic. So I wanted to make a vision board of sorts for the RV to get some inspiration and share it here. As we start to renovate I will be sure to make a post but for now here is my inspiration board.

Links to the stuff on my inspiration board:

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