The Spooky Legend Of Friday The 13th.

Knock on wood, throw salt over your shoulder and hunker down! It’s Friday The 13th and we are going to talk about the creepy, spooky, myth-filled origins and history of Friday The 13th.

So a while ago my beautiful daughter asked me a brilliant grown up question “Why are people scared on Friday The 13th?” and as I opened my mouth to answer her I realized two things… First, I’ve never been asked this question and second, I didn’t have a legitimate answer to give her. I decided to do some research and now I am going to share it with you so my baby and all of us know about it.

Fear of the number 13th: Triskaidekaphobia

Fear of Friday The 13th: Paraskevidekatriaphobia

Origins by Belief/Time:

  • Catholics/Christians= In my research it seems part of all major religions believe at least some lore around Friday The 13th but for varying reasons. Catholics/Christians believe the day is a double down on evil. Fridays are believed to be feared because Jesus was crucified on a Friday, Eve fed Adam the forbidden fruit on a Friday, and Cain murdered Abel. On top of the fear of Fridays 13 is feared because of the 13 guest at the last supper. It’s a common belief that having 13 guest at a table is courting death.
  • Norse= Norse mythology is rich with superstitions about Fridays and the number 13. According to tradition Ragnarok is due to start on a Friday at the 13th hour, Odin entered into Odin sleep on a Friday The 13th and much like Christians The fear of 13 stems from Loki showing up to a Valhalla dinner party as the 13th guest and brought chaos and destruction with him.
  • Greek= Greek mythology claims a mysterious warning by poet Hesiod in 700 B.C. for their fear of Friday The 13th. The warning was this; Be warned do now begin to sow crops on the 13th of the waxxing moon if it falls on a Friday. No further reason was given.
  • Modern Day U.S.= Most Americans believe the myth of Friday The 13th started in 1907. An author Thomas Lawson wrote a book titled “Friday The Thirteenth” where a stoke broker chooses Friday The 13th to deliberately crash the stock market and come out ahead and gets a ton of bad luck. This myth and spookiness was further perpetuated by the movie Friday The 13th about a serial killer.

Friday The 13th throughout History:

  • October 13th, 1307- Kind Philip IV arrested and killed hundreds of The Knights Templar.
  • 1891=The 13 club is started to combat fear of Friday The 13th and the number 13. The club met on the 13th of every month in the 13th room of a club, ate a 13 course meal, made 13 toast and entered into the room under a 13 rung ladder displaying a banner with the motto ” Morituri te salutamus” written across is or Those of us about to die salute you.
  • September 13th, 1940= Germans bombed Buckingham Palace in the midst of WWII.
  • October 13th, 1972= The whole of the Chilean Air Force vanishes out of thin air.
  • September 13th, 1996= Rapper Tupac Shakur is shot and ultimately killed in a unsolved drive by.

Effects of Friday The 13th:

  • Modern fear leads to nearly $900 Million dollars(USD) in lost revenue due to fear of going out or buying certain items on Friday The 13th.
  • Plane tickets are cheaper on Friday the 13th due to the fear.
  • Stock prices tend to fall due to lack of buying on Friday The 13th.

So is it creepy? Well generally speaking NO! Friday The 113th is no worse then any other day of the week. The fear surrounding the day although extensive is not global as Italians fear Friday The 17th because the Roman numerals of Friday The 17th can be rearranged to to translate to my life is over. Most of the reason we claim Friday The 13th is creepy is because its the culture we were brought up in to we honor it as to not tempt fate. Those affected by fear should prefore rituals that do make them feel better such as praying, throwing salt over the shoulder, knocking on wood, and meditating.

So good luck and be safe, Have a wonderful day and I hope this answered some questions. As always Love Bennita’s House.

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