Spring cleaning wish list and tips

Hello everyone and happy Friday! So today I decided to share my spring cleaning wish list. With the weather warming up a bit (at least where I live) it’s the perfect time to throw on some feel good music and clean all the winter dust out. Cleaning can make you feel so good and refreshed and help reset your mental health and I truly hope this inspires people to dust out the old and sweep in the new.


  • Unpack my room completely
  • Clean out and organize closet
  • Clean and organize garage
  • Clean and sanitize the outdoor kitchen
  • Make over bedroom fireplace

Now I am hoping to get my list knocked out before Summer but also I want to do a general Spring cleaning of my house and for that I let my little help. So, here are some fun ways to get your little involved in Spring cleaning.


  • Make it a race. Making everything seem like a competition can be very encouraging to a lot of kids so, make it a race between multiple kiddos or you and your babies to see who can get a big chore done the fastest and the right way.
  • Play hide and seek. I call this money hide and seek so, what I do is hide random dollars or coins around the house and the more Rayne cleans the more she gets.
  • Risky Business Mop. I taught my siblings and my daughter how to do the Risky Business slide… To dust and mop our tile floors. It’s fun they are being physically active and it gets the chore done.
  • PUMP UP THE JAMS. It has been proven that if you listen to upbeat music while doing something like cleaning it increases productivity.
  • Lastly, just have fun. Cleaning can be a great way to just take some time and have fun and talk with your kids. Remember family time is just as important as a clean home.

Well everyone have a great weekend and hope you Spring cleaning goes well. As always Love Bennita’s House.

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