Office Wish List

We all have wish lists and it just happens that I like to gather mine and post them for all to see. So here we are with another wish list for a room in our house for when we finally get the chance to renovate. As I said in my Guest Room Wish List; we really love our house but there are a few things that we would love to be different by remodeling or just redecorating. For me the office is the space that I spend a lot of time in, blogging, writing, researching, paying bills and so on.

Needless to say, but I’m going to any way, I want this room to be beautiful, organized (it’s not right now), and have furniture or accent pieces I love. As you can see from the photo above, I not only have a unwavering love for I Love Lucy but I also have a space that just is a mess. I don’t have places to put stuff so it mostly just gets piled up.


FJÄLKINGE Shelf unit with drawers $239.00 & SYVDE Cabinet with glass doors $129.00

I really love the simple look of these two for storage. I would most likely get two of each of these to have enough storage. I really love the shelf unit with draws because it gives me an option to not only have items on the shelf for display but also hide things.

Desk & Chair

BEKANT Desk sit/stand $479.00 & Serta Ashland Task Chair $221.99

Getting a sit/stand desk is my first goal for my office because I would love the options. Sitting all the time isn’t good for you and I would love to be able to stand while I’m working at times. When it comes to the chair I have had my eye on a cute chair like the one above for a while. I love the soft rose pink color and the look of ‘mid century’ modern makes it even better.

Paint Colors

Cabbage Rose by Magnolia & Silos White by Magnolia

These two colors are the heart of the inspiration for the office. I really love the cabbage rose for an accent wall behind the shelves and cabinets and the silos white for everything else.


Clair Southwestern Gray Rug $47.99 & HydroShield Evening Laminate $1.80/sqft & RANARP Floor/reading lamp $49.99

The rug, laminate flooring, and floor lamp round out the room. I love the rich browns and grey tones in the laminate combined with the grey in the rug and pinks through out the room.

Tell me what you think about my choices in the comments. Would you change anything?

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