Guest Room Wish List

Sean and I really love our house but there are a few things that we would love to be different by remodeling or just redecorating. We are starting to save for our biggest project, a kitchen remodel, but we also have wish lists to spruce up a few rooms. The first list I wanted to share is our guest room, which also doubles as where I play my PlayStation and where we store our extra dining room chairs. and other random stuff…

This room now has a full size bed, the bottom half of a large china hutch, and more. Don’t pay attention the unmade bed in the picture! It’s kind of just a room that we end up ‘hiding’ stuff in because it isn’t really set up the way we want it to be.

Cabell Velvet Square Arm Sofa Bed $673.74

So let’s start with the first major part of the room, the bed. Like I stated in the beginning, this room is used for more than just a guest room and I want it to be more versatile. For this reason I want a sofa bed (hide-a-bed) instead of a regular bed. This gives us a choice on how we want to set up the room at anytime.

I really love this style of sofa with the stiff side arms opposed to super plush sofas. This bed folds out into a full sized bed that can be comfortable for one or two guests.

Elizabeth End Table $68.99 OR Ovellette Nightstand $153.99

These two side tables/night stands are very different and I like them both for different reasons. The Elizabeth end table is my favorite kind of design. I have been told many times that I should have been born in a different time because of the things I love. Mid century modern is defiantly where my heart is in most of my decor. One the other hand the Ovellette nightstand would be better for guests. The three draws would give your guests the option to store some of their items.

Wooten Console Table $1269.99

Like I said, the guest room is also where I play my PlayStation so the TV is of course staying. Your guests will love having their own TV also. The Wooten console table is a little spendy but that is mostly because all of these items are from WayFair so I would end up trying to find one a little cheaper. I tried to find something that looked nice but also provided a good amount of storage.

Landover Comforter Set $79.99

If you can’t tell yet, I really love gray! My personal style is the mid century modern side table with some rustic farm house thrown in and a bunch of gray. I love the design of the comforter paired with the flat gray that gives it a little dimension.

Fosston 60″ Floor Lamp $72.99 & Garrett Ceiling Fan $116.99

I think lighting can change a room in many ways. I picked the floor lamp to complement a table lamp that we already have in the room. Once I started writing this post I remembered that I wanted a ceiling fan for the room because it can get warm with the TV and PlayStation on. Even in the winter when opening the window isn’t really an option. This ceiling fan has a remote and pulls making it convenient to use either way.

Summer Bliss Prints Set $34.99 OR Pink June Blooms Prints $38.99

I really love including art and other wall decor in all of the rooms in our house and I picked two for the guest room. They don’t go together so I would have to pick one or I could get both and change them out through the year.

Clair Southwestern Gray Area Rug $61.99

I have had my eye on this rug for a long time for more than just the guest room. I also saved it to my office wish list! It has a very simple gray pattern but it is still interesting enough to bring a little more to the decor of the room.

Beckham Curtains $36.99 OR Brockham Blackout Curtains $70.59

These are two completely different curtains and in reality I think I will be choosing the Beckham curtains because their not as dramatic and go better with the rest of the room. I really love the two colors and the cute button detail where the colors separate.

Grow with Me Closet System $169.99

A closet system like this is a must for our guest room because it gives a better, adjustable system than just the plan closet. I could have just put up two rods for all handing but in reality we have stuff stored in the closet that needs organization. Who doesn’t store extra crap in other rooms around the house?

That is the guest room wish list! I really hope you get some inspiration from this and comment below if you are thinking about remodeling or decoration your house too.



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