Bennita’s House Personal Update

Happy Saturday my loves! So today I want to take a little break from my usual stuff and give you lovely people a personal update.

First, lets start with the most recent. This last Saturday (February 22nd,2020) Rayne and Anthony went to their very first Daddy/Daughter dance! It was so cute to see them dress up and spend some quality time together. I didn’t really get any photos of them but she did get a pretty rose and the ticket was a beautiful rainbow. On the same night my beautiful baby brother went to his very first school dance (TOLO) with his gorgeous girlfriend and made me feel very old. He is so big now and I remember my first TOLO. Here is a picture of Alex and his girlfriend all dolled up and me at my first TOLO in 2012. He said they had a lot of fun and so did Rayne and Anthony so I am happy.

Alex and Lilly 2020
Me Circa 2012

Next update is my beautiful mommy had surgery to remove her teeth for dentures. A little backstory is my mom was in a P.E. accident as a child and it has led to multiple oral surgeries and she has needed dentures for several years. She feels so much better and will have her “shiny” new teeth by the end of March.

Lastly my wonderful husband’s wonderful best friend/brother from another mother has made the decision to move up here from Texas! We are so excited he is staying.

Well guys sorry for the short post! I will post an update on my momma when her teeth come in. As always Love Bennita’s House!

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