Get Organized: Freezer Inventory + Printables

If you can’t tell by the majority of my posts so far this year I am getting organized. I am using this year to turn over a new leaf as people would say. I, Courtney, am a perpetually unorganized and messy person.

So for this post I want to talk about a freezer inventory and make ahead freezer meals. This is something I really want to integrate into my getting organized routine, not only to get organized but to also relieve some of the pressure we feel in the winter. Having a meal ready to go on days you are already super busy can take away some of the stress during the holiday season.

Freezer Inventory

This freezer inventory has everything that I could think of that you would want in your freezer that would keep a family fed for over a month. When it comes to a freezer inventory I think of it as keeping your family sustained for a longer period of time that just a weekly grocery shopping trip.

Keeping a freezer inventory can not only keep your family sustained but also save money in the long run. The best way to start your freezer inventory is to buy in bulk from a store like Costco or Sams Club.

If you would like to start your freezer inventory you can print them here…

Freezer Meals

One thing I wanted to include in this post are make ahead meals that you can freeze. My filled out inventory list includes a few of my favorite freezer meals that I have started to test and prep. (except the chili potato bake because I can’t find it now!!) Aluminum pans for freezing.

Baked Mac & Cheese by Savory Spicerack

This baked mac and cheese is made with four creamy cheeses and is sure to be a family favorite. This is the first recipe that I would run out of in the winter after prepping these meals.

Lasagna by Bless This Mess

Lasagna is a classic dish that I don’t really make that often because it’s one of those meals we don’t always want. I know it seems odd to have this on the list if we don’t eat it that often but it is a staple for some. I would put lasagna in the Sunday dinner category and if I could make this a week ahead and freeze it I would make it more often. Lasagna Sunday dinners coming soon lol.

Taco Casserole by Eating on a Dime

I actually found a skillet version of this meal first so when I started looking for freezer meal I knew I wanted a version. Tacos are one of the easiest weeknight meals I can make and having it as a casserole gives it that cozy winter vibe.

Ravioli Bake by Stock Piling Moms

We love some ravioli bake/lasagna already but I had never used it as any kind of freezer meal. In our house we tend to have Italian style food a lot and this one became a favorite a few years ago. I wasn’t able to find the original recipe but found this one by Stock Piling Moms that is almost exactly the same.

Stuffed Shells by Happy Money Saver

I have to admit that I have never successfully made stuffed shells. Every time I try they tear or fall over and the stuffing just comes out. So the only thing I would change is the time you boil the pasta so that it is al dente and firmer.

Even if you don’t use these recipes for freezing they are still amazing for everyday dinners.

Do you have any tips and tricks for meal prepping or freezer organization?

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