Reorganizing My Routine

A few weeks ago I posted a habit tracking challenge and to be honest it hasn’t really been working for me. In some ways I am a very detail oriented person except when it comes to my day to day life. I like to think of myself as a great stay at home girlfriend but in reality I let a lot of things just coast by until it is so built up that it creates unnecessary stress.

With my original generic habit tracker it really did give me leeway to just put things off until the end of the day. I would wait until an hour before Sean got home and rush to finish my list. This isn’t a good way of doing it.

So as most of us do, I turned to Pinterest for some new ideas and saw a pin for a different kind of habit tracker. I found one that I really loved the look of. However when I clicked on it the link was to something completely different, we have all been there, which meant I had to make one.

This new Daily Routine tracker is only a little different but it will have me the structure I need to be successful. It is split into morning, afternoon, and evening routines giving me less leeway with what I’m doing. In reality nothing is really stopping me from just pushing things to the side but with this organizer I have a better chance of completing them when I’m supposed to.

Like with anything in life, the more you do and practice the better you get. I really hope that someone who might need just a little help getting organized can use this Daily Routine tracker.

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