Honey Garlic Chicken

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I found this recipe a few years ago and before I made it I wasn’t too sure if Sean would like it because he is very VERY picky about his food. Chicken is one of those foods that can be really hit or miss with him and sometimes it is hard to find a recipe he truly loves.

I am happy to report that he really loved this one!

This recipe starts out as just a basic fried chicken strip but is taken to the next level with the honey garlic sauce. Chicken strips are Sean’s number one chicken dish that he will always eat when I make it and adding this sauce to something he already loves has pushed this recipe into his favorites category.

A double coating of the seasoned panko bread crumb mix makes this chicken strip super crunchy. You know that super crunch that you always want your restaurant fried chicken to have? This combination of flour and panko is it but at home.

The honey garlic sauce is that perfect mix of sweet and tangy that would work with more than just these chicken strips. You would use it for fried rice, chow main or even a pulled pork. Give this recipe a try!

This recipe was originally posted by Spend with Pennies. The recipe below is a little different so if you would like to follow the unedited version you can find it here.

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Honey Garlic Chicken

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