Savings Goals

In December I posted my 52 week savings plan and I wanted to expand that a little more. Besides trying to save all year to an end goal I also have savings goals throughout the year. Rather than one large goal, I also save for things we need or want. Depending on what it is the timeline can be anywhere from a month to the whole year.

This year I am saving for two small trips, a stove because ours is going out, an iWatch for Sean and a bicycle for me. Each savings column has 38 squares to be checked off as you save and you can divide them in any way you want. I try to keep mine as even a possible by dividing the end goal by the number of boxes then rounding up. My bike will cost around $300.00 but divided by 38 means each box would be about $8 so I round up to $10. This not only allows my to save what I want but also gives me a cushion for sales tax, delivery, or even accessories.

I really want this year to be the year that we don’t struggle for the things we want or need. The year that we actually save properly and not spend haphazardly. I hope you join me in a year of organizing and getting everything on track because I know I need it.

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