Hello again guys! Sorry for the silence. This last week has been crazy. Today I want to take the chance to recap all the birthdays we had in this fabulous new month including a new BABY! So without further adieu let’s recap and meet our birthday people!!!!

Peanut January 8th, 2020

So, let’s start out this birthday celebration with our newest edition! Little peanut (NOT his real name)! Peanut was just born to my gorgeous adopted sister! We waited so long for his arrival and my husband wishes he would have waited just one more day but we are so blessed to finally have him here! Happy Birthday tiny one.

Anthony January 9th, 1991

Next in line is my beautiful husband who just celebrated 29 gorgeous years! We just celebrated at home this year with family and it was great. I hope I get at least 29 more years with this amazing man. Happy birthday baby boy.

Beth January 21st, 1971

So next in line is a beautiful women by the name of Beth. Beth is a wonderful women who has done everything in her power to help me and my family when we needed it. I would be devastated and hard pressed to forget her birthday! Happy Birthday Beth. We Love You!!!!!!

Last in line is my beautiful step daughter Rayne! I would post a picture but well we won’t get into that! Rayne had a small class party and a huge family party with her uncles from Texas her too! She is growing into such a beautiful young lady and I could not be more proud!

Well thank you everyone for helping me celebrate all the January birthdays in my life. I hope that if you had a January Birthday it was wonderful. Love you all and see you later with more great stuff!!!!

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