Update with Courtney’s House

The simple update is that I have been on a bit of a break because I have been sick for almost two weeks now! (insert an exhausted face here)

I am someone who doesn’t really leave the house on a daily bases so my immune system isn’t really the greatest and I am usually the first one to catch a cold in the winter. Add to that a trip to Vegas and you have the perfect recipe for a majorly stuffy nose and cough. I was actually really surprised that I didn’t end up sick in Vegas because I usually do towards the end of our trips.

With it still being January and all I thought maybe I would throw in a little look into some of my plans with the blog.

  1. Continue posting Monday’s and Wednesday’s.
  2. Improve the SEO.
  3. Maybe take some classes on SEO first…
  4. Find some Sponsorship’s.
  5. Actually post a video on my YouTube channel and link it and write a post about it.

I know this a short and simple post but I need to take some more medicine and maybe lay down.


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