The Purge; Home goods edition

Hello fellow parents and welcome to the weeks after the Holiday season. The weeks of empty toy boxes all over your house and of mountains of toys everywhere in the kids room… Yeah real fun stuff. So this year I decided to declutter early. I still have a long way to go but I did get my daughters room done and let me tell you it felt so good. I know all of us set the same goals every year. Buy the kids less stuff they don’t need more stuff they do need, don’t let them make and keep a huge mess, make them purge stuff ya know the likes but if you all are like me sometimes that is hard. I have a few tips that might make this season of decluttering easier no matter if you are declutter with or for your little or for your self.

The Purge: Home goods edition tips and tricks

  • I learned this from like a you tube hack video years ago and it has helped so much… On the 1st of every year turn the hangers in your closed to face a different way then usual,every time you put an item back in your closet hang it up like normal, Come the end of December or the 1st of the new year all the clothes still hanging in your closet on backwards hangers donate.
  • If you have special dishes and stuff for seasons pack it up at the end of that season. A lot of cupboards will look cluttered with seasonal dishes.
  • Make your little go through toys with you and decide what they want to keep and what they want to donate to the local homeless shelter or food bank.
  • Use the Marie Kondo method… I thought this was silly when I first seen it but honestly it works. Go through your space and ask your self if that item sparks joy. If it does not thank the item and donate it. Now we can’t do this to our work stuff but honestly does that pan spark joy or are we just hoarding it because our mother in law bought it for us 3 Christmas’s ago and we don’t want to seem “rude” even though we are never going to make a giant angel food cake?
  • If all else fails have someone to hold you accountable… Someone to remind you that you haven’t worn that skirt in 6 years or that you don’t need 30 10 quart pots someone that you know loves you enough to call you out but also means the best for you.

Look, I know it is not a lot and I know a lot of people have a hard time purging because of the memories or because that takes time and sometimes time is a precious commodity but I honestly hope this helps. I just used these methods to purge my daughters room because she got a whole D.I.Y. room makeover. (Pictures and some helpful hints coming soon) and it honestly made things easier. I will say telling yourself or your littles where their stuff is going or seeing where it is being donated to is a great life lesson. I personally like to donate them to places I know is giving the items out for free to people that need them so our food bank, women and childrens shelters, mens shelters, a place we just found called gather together grow together places like that and it has taught my daughter so much about being loving and kind and having a giving spirit and to teach her how fortunate she is at times. As always have a wonderful day and Love Bennitas house

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