HAPPY 2020 Y’all!!!! I hope that Christmas was beautiful for you and that it was peaceful and fun and that you got what you wanted and no one ended up in jail… Anyway now that it is a new year and a whole new decade lets talk about something that weighs on a lot of peoples mind around this time of year… New Years Resolutions. So you know the goals that we all make in this first week of the year then work on for a few days or weeks then just let kind of peter off… Yeah those things.

Don’t feel bad if you are a person that makes all these goals and then doesnt achieve them because I do it too. Every year without fail I say things like “This is the year I quit smoking or staying up past midnight, or this is the year I don’t let my own insecurities stop me from wearing that cute top I bought 3 years ago” Yeah and every year I fail… I still have not worn that top and I still smoke all be in a lot less then I used to and uh yeah I write my blog post in the middle of the night 99% of the time so obviously I don’t sleep. So why even bring it up if we all fail? Well because while we all fail and while it sucks to make goals and not even come within miles of achieving them I believe with the right support, the right motivation,and by making achievable goals we all can be a little better this year. I have been looking into ways I can make and set goals that I can actually achieve and maybe just maybe some of my Monster Energy fueled middle of the night research can be of help to you all.

How to set goals and achieve them.

  • 1st. Make small goals. People often loss interest in something when they see no return on time invested so make several small goals. If your goal is to loss weight them make your achievable goal small loss 5lbs or something like that. So when you do loss the weight or whatever your small goal is you see a return on your invested time.
  • 2nd. Make a reward system. As I stated above people want a return for their time we all kind of do so make a reward system for yourself. Maybe if your goal is to save more money make it so you can see it going towards something… Like fill a jar up with your change or something that way when it is full you know you get to go shopping or out to dinner or whatever you want.
  • 3rd. Make a list. By making a list like a physical list you give yourself the opportunity to see and be reminded of your goals and that way when you meet a goal(and you will meet several) you can cross it off from your list and feel accomplished. You don’t have to meet every goal sometimes that is just not realistic but the feeling of meeting some is unbelievable.
  • 4th. Talk to people. I know I know most people hate talking about New years resolutions because they fall through but make is so someone is holding you accountable. As humans we do not like to fail our fellow man so make it so someone can check up on you. If your goal is to make dinner at home more and not go out make it so maybe once a week y friend or family member comes over and you cook for them.
  • 5th and final. Don’t be so hard on yourself. A lot of the time New Years resolutions fail because once you’ve failed one thing your mind spirals into a cycle of failure. Don’t do this. Failing one New years resolution does not make you a failure maybe you gained a few pounds, maybe you spent a little to much on New Years Sales maybe you ate out every night for a week and now you feel terrible but that doesn’t make you a failure. Get back up look at your goals and maybe scale back a little baby steps are okay steps to take to reach a milestone.

Now that we have gone over some ways to make and keep our resolutions maybe I should share what mine are. I am pretty simple in the ways of my goals because I am a very busy lady 90% of the time. I need several small things I can do all while juggling my crazy messy beautiful life. First I would like to loss some weight. Now I have lost a bunch of weight in the last couple years but I would like to loss like 50lbs so I have this broken up into roughly a lb a week. Some weeks are going to be great and some are going to suck but I have a small goal. Second I would like to get the rest of my house unpacked. We have lived here for almost 2 years and my room is still not done. I figure if I unbox at least a container or box a month it will get done by Christmas. Third I would like to start reading again. I love books but I have not made a lot of time for me in the past few years so I figure if I give myself 30 minutes a week and like a whole 30 minutes then maybe I can read and regain my love for it. Fourth and last I would like to sleep more. I have insomnia brought on by a lot of things but I figure if I start forcing myself to sleep earlier little by little I will eventually get on a schedule.

So I hope this post and some unsolicited advice helps everyone out there just a little bit. I want to make sure that none of you feel as if you are a failure because you did not hit a goal or whatever the case may be. We are all human and we all make mistakes its just about getting up and having a support system to help you make those goals. As always best of luck and have a great day Love Bennita’s house!

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