New Years in Vegas + My Resolutions

One of the ultimate dream trips Sean and I have always had is to be in Vegas, on the strip, for New Years. And after 13 years we are finally doing it!

View from the room.

Let me tell you it was crazy. Now, we weren’t actually down ‘on’ the strip however we were in our room looking over the strip. Which in my opinion was the better choice when you see how many people were down there! One of the weirdest things was seeing no cars on Las Vegas Blvd.

The massive amount of people!

Over all Sean and I have to say this was one of our best New Years. A little crowded but that’s what our room was for, to get away from the crowds and still enjoy the fireworks.

My New Year’s Resolutions.

I also wanted to share my personal New Year’s resolutions with you. Every year, like most people, I set my resolutions but as with most people I also never complete them.

  • Start a new habit: Exercise 5 times a week.
    • Currently I don’t really exercise much and I really need to, like really need to.
  • Quit a bad habit: Eating junk food.
    • Along with the exercising I need to eat less junk food. I drink soda everyday and eat some kind of sweet or salty snack.
  • Learn a new skill: French or Spanish.
    • I took both of these languages in school but I only really know some of the basic words that everyone knows. I want to visit Paris, France and Barcelona, Spain some day in the near future and would love to learn enough to get by.
  • Go on a trip: New York or Waco, Texas
    • In addition to traveling to Paris and Barcelona I also want to go to places within the US, besides Vegas.
  • Try something new: New cuisine.
    • Sean and I are both creatures of habit and we love your most basic American diet with some Americanized Italian and Mexican food mixed in. We both have talked about finding new REAL cuisines to try… I hear Pho is good.

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