52 Week Savings Plan

With the new year only a few days away I thought it would be a good idea to make a resolution kind of post.

It isn’t easy talking about your finances to people in your family and even less of an easy topic when you are telling a unknown amount of people on the internet. However, Sean and I are the kind of people that live paycheck to paycheck for a majority of the year. Some of this is 100% avoidable because we are also the kind of people that tend to live right at the edge of our means.

The most important resolution I plan on keeping is to save more through out the year with one of these 52 week savings plans. If you search for a savings printable as some of us do, you are likely to find versions of all of these somewhere.

So, today I made three versions of the 52 week savings plans out there that I thought would be good for anyone trying to save.

Savings Plan A

This plan is the easiest in my opinion because the amounts you are putting into savings is low through the entire year. Starting with $1 and ending with $52 gives you a yearly savings of $1,378.00 and as long as you don’t dip into it you would have a nice emergency fund in a couple years.

Savings Plan B

Savings Plan B is more of a wave savings plan where the amounts go up and down through the weeks. This plan starts at $10 and works its way up to $90 then back down. With this plan you would end up with $2,500.00, which by the way is enough to fly to take a little vacation.

Savings Plan C

With this plan there is not change in the amount you save which can make your plan a little more ‘predictable’ for budgeting. It is also the plan that can be easily followed by setting up automatic transfers between your accounts. When saving $20 a week you would end up with $1,040.00, which does make it the lowest savings amount.

Blank Savings Plan

Of course I am also including a black version of the savings printable because not everyone’s pay or work schedules fall into the three versions above.

I hope that these savings plans can help you like I hope that it helps us next year!

52 Week Savings Plans

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