Blogmas Day 21 – Christmas Gift Hide and Seek!

Hello and welcome to crunch time or as the normal world see’s it 4 days before Christmas. Last minute decorations are going up, dinner prep has started, kids are getting anxious or you are, and family is probably in from out of town by now and last minute gift wrapping has started… Or has is?

See I do this thing every year, well not just me but my mom too, we do this thing where we buy gifts throughout the year and hide them…. Then loose them! So come middle of December (sometimes Christmas morning)we have to play a fun game I call hide and seek with Christmas gifts.

How do you play this game? You may ask, is it fun? What do I win? The answers are simple so here we go!!!

How to play: Simply stated, you loose half the Christmas gifts you have bought for family members and forget what you bought, so uh some of you may be playing right now. Then you search through everything in your home,cars, and place of working hoping you will find something. When you do find things you win and to answer ‘Is it fun?’ NO!!!! I hate this game so this year I found a way to prevent playing hide and seek Christmas gift edition…

How to avoid hide and seek.

  • Write a list of things that you have bought. Hide the list in plain sight like in your budget book or wallet because kids and spouses are sneaky.
  • Hide the gifts somewhere where you will remember but its not obvious to look for other people. Sorry guys under the bed, in the closet, and in the guest room is too obvious.
  • Don’t wait for crunch time to wrap gifts because if you have misplaced something you lessen the amount of time you have to find or replace it.
  • Buy separate wrapping paper. Everyone in my house has different wrapping paper so no one knows who’s gifts are who’s until Christmas morning. This helps keep them off your trail and also helps you keep a count once everything is wrapped.

So far this is what works for me. I hide things all over and some of them are in the most obvious places from my husband and daughter. The list helps me to know what I have bought throughout the year and you can even code name where you hide them for easier access for wrapping and the wrapping tells me what gift belongs where. I hope you guys have a wonderful and merry Christmas and have fun.

Families and the holiday season are stressful but memories are worth gold the older you get. As always love Bennita’s house

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