Blogmas Day 18 – Weird Gift Ideas

Do you know someone who is just that guy? You know, the one who is just odd and love weird stuff. Somone who would buy one of those new fanny packs that look like a hairy stomach. Or maybe you just have a friends that you don’t really know what to get and you just can’t find anything that makes sence.

Today I have 3 odd gift ideas for that odd person in your life.

Meat Delivery Box

This is not vegetarian or vegan friendly but it is for that meat loving person in your life. These boxes come in a variety of choices from steak to ground beef to pork chops or even exotic meats. Bonus: You might get invited to a dinner.

Omaha Steaks
Man Crates – Exotic Meats Crate
Butcher Box

Murder Mystery

Have someone that loves murder mystery movies and books? This gift is perfect for them to bring the mystery almost to life. Recently I have been seeing ads for Hunt a Killer and after looking into them it would be the perfect gift for someone who loves puzzles.

Hunt a Killer
Murder Mystery in a Box

Beer or Wine Making Kit

We all have that friend or family member that knows every thing about the beer or wine that you happened to bring to the party. Grapes or grain, which ever one it is, they will love making their own beer or wine.

Mr. Beer
Craft a Brew

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