Blogmas Day 16: Christmas With A Theme

So growing up being the oldest sibling I used to hear other adults ask my mom and dad all the time “How do you keep the magic of Christmas alive?” I never knew what they meant before until I got older and had a step daughter and younger siblings that were wayyyyyy older then my daughter and suddenly I understood the question… How do you keep the magic of Christmas alive when you have children that still believe in Santa and magic and children that have stopped believing? Thats the age old question I get now since we all live together “How do you make it so everyone believes in Santa” and my answer as of last year when I figured it out is this… Christmas with a Theme!

Now before some of y’all go all out just hear me out I just mean a theme that makes the older ones excited when they come out Christmas morning. I wanted something that made them feel the joy of not knowing what Santa brought them again. I wanted to make them feel like kids again so I themed Christmas. Last years theme came by accident to be honest but it really did make my brother and sister feel the same joy as my 5 year old daughter Christmas morning. So what was last years theme and how did I do it??? Simply put I did Harry Potter.

I stumbled across a file for printing and customizing your own Harry Potter letters and classroom supply list in early December last year and was struck with an idea… If I could make it seem like an owl was delivering their long awaited (Yes long we are nerds) Hogwarts letters then maybe I could bring back the magic of Christmas just a little. Well what started with Hogwarts letters snowballed into two stuffed owls, two sorting hats, two wands, and some candy all to bring them a few minutes of magic. I hung the owls holding the letters right in front of their doors so when they opening them they had flying owls waiting and the hat and wand were their Santa gifts waiting in the living room for them… Let me tell you it was a hit! They loves it. They loved it so muc I keep getting asked what the theme to this Christmas is… I call that a success.

Now because a certain younger sibling of mine reads this blog I cant tell the theme to this year yet but just know I have one and I went in the complete opposite direction this year. All I am saying is that if you have older kids and younger kids or even if you have just older kids, or a family member you want to remind of the magic of Christmas then maybe try a theme. Pick something they love and see what you can do that surprises them from Santa. As always have fun and have a wonderful Christmas. Love Bennitas house

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